Allie Klopp


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Allie Klopp, 14, a Peyton Heart Project Ambassador for Agoura, CA. She will be a Peyton Heart Project ambassador until November 20th, 2020.

In Allie’s own words:
I personally have never been bullied or bullied someone else. Going to public school, however, I have witnessed bullying first-hand. One of my good friends was bullied by an ex-boyfriend of hers. It hurts to have to see someone close to you have to go through something so unfortunate. I try when I can to comfort her and help her get through it, she is very strong and handling it very well.

Two of my friends have tried to harm themselves more than once. I have tried to be a rock for both of them and let them know they are always loved. One of these girls is doing very well and is in a much happier mindset. The other girl is still struggling to find happiness and occasionally falls back into the temptation of hurting herself.
I personally have not been affected by suicide. Sadly, recently someone at our school took his own life. It is so sad for me to hear about these things and see how many young people my age aren’t happy.
I have been affected by mental health issues in several instances. I have several friends with either anxiety or depression or both. I know high school can be a dark time period for some people and watching my friends go through such difficult circumstances really hurts. I try to do what I can to keep them okay and sometimes I do nothing other than listen to them talk.
I heard about The Peyton Heart Project through my friend. She found a heart while on vacation and she was immediately touched by what she saw. As soon as she told me about it I knew we had to get our hands on this project.
To me, The Peyton Heart Project is an amazing organization that is working hard to save people and let people know they are loved.
I would love to be an ambassador for The Peyton Heart Project because I want to bring awareness to the students in my school and the people all around about bullying, suicide, and mental health. I also think it is very important for love to be shared and our communities need more of that, and I think this is a great way to spread love.
I am planning on spreading The Peyton Heart Project through my community with a club at my school. The members of the club, as would I, would help to scatter the hearts around our community. I also run cross country for my school so I could scatter hearts at every location that we have meets or practice. All in all, I would love to become an ambassador for this amazing group working for an amazing cause.