Lauryn Sessing


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Lauryn Sessing, 14, a Peyton Heart Project Ambassador for Agoura Hills, CA. She will be a Peyton Heart Project ambassador until November 20th, 2020.

In Lauryn’s own words:
I have never really been bullied before but I have witnessed a lot of bullying in my life. Many of my friends have had serious problems with bullying, whether it is for race, sexuality, or for the way they look. Watching them overcome this problem has been very motivational and because of this I would never put someone through the pain and stress they went through. I have never bullied someone and usually try to stop bullying where I can.
I do not know anyone personally that has [taken their life] or self-harmed. I’ve had classmates that have attempted and [completed] suicide, and it is so sad to hear about.
I have been personally affected by mental health issues in so many ways. I myself struggle with constant anxiety and occasionally depression. It gets really overwhelming sometimes but It helps to know I have so many people there to support me. Most of my friends battle with some form of school related anxiety. One thing that affected me greatly was when one of my friends had a lot of mental [health] issues and talked about suicide a lot with me. It was hard watching her go through that, but now she is pretty mentally stable and loving her life.
I heard about The Peyton Heart Project by finding one of the hearts in Long Beach, California. I was so inspired by the project when I looked it up, that I decided I wanted to be a part of it.
To me, The Peyton Heart Project is an amazing [organization] that has done so much for everyone. I was so inspired to get a heart and I can’t imagine how many people have been positively affected by this. To me, this is not just a project, but a life changing [organization]. It’s so amazing all of the progress that has been done to spread awareness about bullying and suicide.
I want to be an ambassador to spread kindness and make an impact in my community. I think this project is so amazing and I would love to be a part of it and bring it into my community. I think everyone, including myself, gets caught up in the stress of everyday life. This little effort can make someone’s day or even turn their whole life around. I would love to have that effect on my community.
I have so many ideas for my community and this project. We would create a school run club and distribute hearts throughout my community. We already have so many people that would be on board to help make and distribute hearts. We would put them in public places, where they are easily accessible.