Wilma Swartz


Wilma is from Phoenix, AZ. She will be a Peyton Heart Project ambassador until June 23, 2020.In Wilma’s own words:
What I’m about to say to you, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. My parents expected twins but got only one child. Dad wanted a boy so bad that Mom decided I’d be raised as a boy. Mom and the pediatrician hid my true identity from everyone, including me. I knew something was wrong with me at quite an early age but every time I asked questions, Mom shot me down.
In my male sex education class, the male gym teacher put a chair against the wall and asked us to bend over the chair with the top of our head against the wall. Males lift the chair up totally different from a female and all the students in the class except one, me, lifted it as a male. I was now classified as a female to the gym teacher and the students and word got around the school faster than any grapevine or telephone call could. On top of this, I was keeling over with monthly cramps. The school nurse noticed the dates that I was coming to the infirmary and concluded that I was having menstrual cramps and started giving me medicine for it. When the nurse contacted my mother, my mother gave the nurse specific instructions not to mention any of this to my father. Life in school became so bad I wanted to commit suicide but each time God stepped in and told me to stay strong and that I’d get through all of this. Dad tried to get me a job at SEPTA, public transportation in Philadelphia, PA., where he worked. I was told by the Personnel Manager I was too feminine to drive a bus. I was now being labeled by Dad and so-called friends and relatives as “Little Miss Snowflake”.
By trying to continue living as William, my health was deteriorating rapidly. I underwent extensive testing and counseling before I decided to become Wilma. I was producing estrogen and had a fully functioning female and male reproductive system so it was less intrusive for me to remove my external male organs and have a female opening made and attached to my female parts. The family disowned me and insisted I lose the family name because I was a disgrace to them.
I’m here today because God stayed by my side and helped me through all this. The doctors told me to stay under the radar but God and I realized that you only have one life so live it to the fullest. I married, gave birth to a child, wrote a book called “Two Different Worlds I’ve Lived In”, and starred with four other ventertainers [ventriloquists] in an international movie named “DUMBSTRUCK” and co-starred in “NINA CONTI, HER MASTER’S VOICE” plus I assist at various suicide hotlines. I’m respected in the vent community as one of their best. My Dad eventually found out the truth when Mom talked in her sleep and he was devastated. He apologized to me and I told him there was no apology necessary. Dad wanted to make it up to me and knew I was looking for an assistant in performing shows and you’ve never saw such a proud Daddy so damn overjoyed that “his daughter” was cheering audiences up. If I can make it in this world, so can others and that’s my message to everyone.
My Ideas To Bring To The Peyton Heart Project
Making PSAs about The Peyton Heart Project using my ventriloquist characters.
I already have people who are joining my group including a nurse, my newest assistant (Dad passed away to work with God), and some ministers and congregation members at All Saints of the Desert Episcopal Church in Sun City, AZ.
Making personal appearances for The Peyton Heart Project.
Inserting a commercial in my gigs about the fine work that The Peyton Heart Project does for people.
Thank you for listening to me.