Hearts In Memory of Amanda

Please help crochet or knit pink, blue, and/or purple hearts. A combination of these colors is fine. They will be handed out by Amanda Todd’s mom from Amanda Todd Legacy – Staying Strong at speaking engagements throughout Canada and the US. She speaks to students about bullying prevention and how to stay safe in a digital world. Please do NOT mail these hearts to us in NJ. Your hearts for this project must be sent to Mrs. Todd in Canada. Please email her at info@amandatoddlegacy.org to get a shipping address from her directly. All hearts need to be TAGGED before you ship them. Please download the special Amanda tags which are different from the regular tags we use. You can use any pattern you want for the hearts. Thank you.

Tags: The tags must be printed on thick paper (i.e. card stock) otherwise they may rip off. Please make sure you are using the updated file. Here is the link.

1-PHP_Amanda_tag     (updated 3/4/2017)



Amanda died by suicide at the age of 15 in October 2012 after being cyber-stalked and sextorted by a man from the Netherlands.

The Amanda Todd Legacy was founded by Amanda’s mom, Carol Todd. It is a non-profit society that focuses on awareness and the well-being of individuals with respect to preventions and awareness relating to bullying, cyber abuse, and internet safety as well as resources and education that encourage mental wellness and healthy living.

This is the original Amanda Todd Youtube video that was posted by Amanda the month prior to her suicide. It is called “My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm”. It has been viewed over 12 million times.http://youtu.be/vOHXGNx-E7E

To learn more about the Amanda Todd story please watch the two Fifth Estate documentaries posted below. They include interviews with her mom, Carol. Carol is one of the people who has been helping us scatter hearts in Canada, Ireland and the US. We would like to take a moment to thank her for spreading our hearts to teens at schools where she goes to speak about her daughter’s story. Carol would like to continue to share our hearts as she travels around the world giving talks to our world’s youth about the importance of cyber-safety. Please help us make this happen by sending us hearts for Carol. Thank you!

Documentary done by CBC the Fifth Estate, November 15, 2013

Follow-up Documentary done by CBC the Fifth Estate, December 4, 2014

Please visit the Amanda Todd Legacy’s Facebook page and let them know the Peyton Heart Project sent you. https://www.facebook.com/AmandaToddLegacyStayingStrong/timeline