Hearts for PTSD Awareness

Making Hearts for PTSD Awareness: The Peyton Heart Project

The Peyton Heart Project is collecting hundreds of hearts in memory of PFC Dan Deason who died by suicide in 2016 after struggling with PTSD. PFC Deason had been in the US army, serving in Iraq from 2007-2008.

For this event you may use any heart pattern that you want. Hearts should be in the following colors: navy blue, army green, camouflage or a combination of these colors. You may also make them in teal, the PTSD awareness color.

Please use the special “Dan Deason” tags that we have created. The link is below. Feel free to scatter some of these hearts in your area. You do not need to send them all to us in NJ but if you would like to share some of them with us that would be awesome too! This event will run until July 4th, 2017. Thank you!