How To Get Hearts From Us

How to get Hearts sent to you so you can scatter them yourself.

Hearts are free but we ask that you please pay for the shipping and tags. We are only set up to ship them to people in the US. Please send a self-addressed envelope with postage STAMPS encloseRed&blueInGardend separately and NOT attached to the envelope. (At least $2.67, as you can see from the chart below.)

While the hearts themselves are free, we ask you to pay $5.00 per 100 for the paper and printer ink for the tags that are attached to the hearts.

You must include your e-mail address with your request in case we have a question about the hearts or the postage you have sent. We have had a number of issues with people sending improper postage, or envelopes with illegible addresses on them, or envelopes too small for the number of hearts they are requesting. This has meant that hearts could not be sent to the people requesting them. So, it is important that we are able to contact you by e-mail. Do not send us your phone number in place of your e-mail. We will only contact you via e-mail.

Please send it to:

Peyton Heart Project

PO Box 2374

Printed_PostageNOTMorristown, NJ 07962-2374

IMPORTANT! Please, do not send us metered postage or postage printed from the computer. It can’t be mailed from anywhere but your own ZIP code and it expires in 3 days.

Hearts are shipped by weight and the postage is determined according to that weight. Ask us if we have enough hearts before you send us an envelope. We do sometimes run out of hearts. The minimum number of hearts to ship is 50. So the smallest envelope you should send is 9″ x 12″. Do not send letter sized envelopes or even business envelopes.

These are the postage costs for hearts shipped using YOUR envelope, not one from the post office. It is almost twice as much if you use a Priority envelope from the post office so please don’t do that. Remember, the large envelope itself weighs just about one ounce.

Weight of hearts and the cost to ship in the US using YOUR personal envelope, not one from the post office:

Note from this chart that the minimum postage is $2.67.

Ounces First Class*
1 2.67
2 2.67
3 2.67
4 2.67
5 2.85
6 3.03
7 3.21
8 3.39
9 3.57
10 3.75
11 3.93
12 4.11
13 4.29
Pounds Ground Parcels
(Depending on your zone)*
1 $6.65 → 8.17
2 $7.20 → 12.21
3 $7.80 → 16.06
4 $8.50 → 18.98
5 $9.85 → 21.99
6 $10.40 → 24.19
7 $11.05 → 26.99
Pounds Priority
(Depending on your zone)*
1 $6.65 → 10.50
2 $7.20 → 16.70
3 $7.80 → 22.35
4 $8.50 → 26.15
5 $9.85 → 30.25
6 $10.40 → 34.15
7 $11.05 → 38.40





If the postage rates in the US change then these prices will change too.

Forever Stamps are back up to $0.49.


We have done everything in our power to be accurate with these numbers, however, we are not responsible for errors or changes in the US postal rate.

We are now set up to accept checks or PayPal.

Please make checks payable to: “The Peyton Heart Project” and mail to:

The Peyton Heart Project
PO Box 2374
Morristown, NJ 07962-2374

Please note that we will charge you $25 for a returned check.


You can send money to us at through PayPal, but you will pay the transaction fee.


International Shipping: If you would like us to send hearts to you outside the USA, please contact us at to inquire about shipping to you. Again, the hearts themselves are free, but you would need to pay the exorbitantly priced international shipping costs, plus any transaction fees and $5.00 per 100 for the paper and printer ink for the tags that are attached to the hearts.)


You can **estimate** US domestic postage using this webpage:

~Use From: 07960 and To: (your ZIP)
~Select shape: Package

~APPROXIMATELY 10 hearts weigh 1 ounce. Add several ounces for packaging.

~On the next page, click to view the options for First-Class.