Brittany Boetticher

Brittany Boetticher

In Brittany’s own words:


Peyton Heart Project Ambassador Essay: By Brittany Boetticher

In eighth grade I first had a personal experience with self-harm. I knew someone who started to cut herself and I had no idea. She had never told me and she was so fun loving that I never would have thought that this would be something that would ever come up. I only found out when she went to go get help. This really affected me because I never thought that I would have to deal with that. I’ve always known that people are quiet about self-harm, and that it can affect anyone, but I never thought it would happen to my friends.

The summer before my sophomore year a recent graduate from my high school completed suicide. I didn’t know him but I felt so sad that he was so sad that he felt suicide was the only option. I remember I felt the way his death was announced was disappointing. I felt it was skimmed over and it should have been talked about a little bit more. The chorus and band held a memorial concert in his honor and his parents spoke and it was a beautiful night that raised awareness on suicide and the importance of mental health.

I found out about The Peyton Heart Project through Girl Scouts. I was helping my mother with a troop she has for underprivileged girls at World Thinking Day. Pass It Along was there and they were running a booth on The Peyton Heart Project. I had just started the process of my Gold Award on raising awareness on suicide and I really liked the meaning behind the hearts. After that I did more research and read more about the project and thought it was an amazing idea.

To me The Peyton Heart Project is encouraging and gives hope. The hearts are all so cute and they each have a positive quote. I love reading each tag I put on a heart and hoping that the person who finds the heart is touched by it and it makes them happy. The quotes make me happy and are motivational. They each have something to do with how beautiful life is or how everyone is meant to do something. They each are so unique and I believe that when someone finds a heart, they needed to know the quote that was. Every time I leave a heart somewhere, I know that it will help someone and that I am helping the world become a better place.

I would like to be a Peyton Heart Project [ambassador] because I think it is an amazing project. It makes a difference in the world and it is fun. I like knowing that I am making a difference and helping people. I know that by helping people make hearts and spreading them around, not only am I providing something for someone to do, but I am spreading love and kindness around. I like to spread kindness and positivity and I don’t like to see people sad or being negative. Knowing that these hearts have motivational quotes and will make other people happy, I know I am doing something good and making people feel better.

On May 8, I led a community service night at my school with The Peyton Heart Project. I have also had some girl scouts in my town make some hearts and leave them around the camp in my town. My school librarian asked me to put it into our library so that kids can come in anytime to make hearts and spread them around the school. I will continue to make the hearts with Girl Scouts and my youth group as a part of my Gold Award. The Peyton Heart Project goes perfectly with my project and I would love to continue to work with The Peyton Heart Project.