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Dan Phan

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Peyton Heart Project Ambassador Essay: By Dan Phan

We either are children, or once were. Therefore, through firsthand experience, we all know how significant an impact childhood has on each person. Some children are fortunate enough to possess fond memories of childhood, but there are others who can only equate their early days with bullying, self-harm, and the like. I strongly believe that it’s high time this was stopped.

The damage bullying causes is almost irreversible. It has a lifelong influence on the victims. They might become a bully afterwards in order to regain self-esteem. Another adverse result of bullying is that people lose the ability to trust others, and they find difficulty in showing affection. Worst of all, the people who are bullied have a tendency to self-harm.

The other day, as I was wandering on the internet, I came across The Peyton Heart Project. It really piqued my interest, and I just had to find out more. I’m glad I did. Knowing this project carries such a heart-warming purpose, I set my heart on trying to be an ambassador.

Bullying must stop, for it is knocking down the hopes and shattering the innocence of too many. I want to help the victimized voice themselves. Moreover, it is of the utmost importance that they know they’re not alone. They can get help.

I know my friends would love to help promote this cause. I was thinking we could make a short video showing support, maybe make it go viral…? And of course, spreading the signature hearts of The Peyton Heart Project is something I’d love to do.

In short, bullying, we know it’s happening, and we know we need to put an end to it. Only by raising awareness, and standing up to what is wrong can we prevent it. There are people who are being bullied and need our help.

You and me, let’s fight this bullying crisis, shall we?