Jen Carey

Jen CareyIn Jen’s own words:
Peyton Heart Project Ambassador Essay: By Jen Carey
I would love to become an ambassador for The Peyton Heart Project to help bring awareness to others to be kind and that one kind act may help another person know that someone cares. When I found this project on Facebook a couple years ago I immediately fell in love with helping to spread the word of love and kindness to others. A kind act and not be found out about is such a blessing for me.
I have been affected by self-harm by a family member. This person was a young teenager at the time and was cutting. I had never heard of this kind of self-harm before. I didn’t know my family member was in that much pain. Luckily, this person got help and told others how and what was going on. It was explained to me that it’s a pain like no other, but when there is nothing else to turn to it “worked”. My family member doesn’t do this anymore, thankfully.
I have been affected by suicide [through] a friend. I belong to an anonymous program of recovery called Al-Anon. A group of people who are affected by a family [member] or friend who is an alcoholic or addict. This program has saved my life. I never attempted suicide but I have thought about it. I thankfully never took action.
I have a few friends who thought they could try the drink or drug one more time and that one time was the last time. I consider this to be suicide. Addiction is a disease. I don’t believe these friends intended to take their life but their actions, because of the cunning and baffling disease of addiction, left them no choice and their life here is no more. This would also make me affected by mental health issues.
I heard about The Peyton Heart Project by Facebook. This project helps me to give back to others. I love to crochet because it relaxes me and it is like a meditation for me. And at the same time that I am smiling while crocheting I know someone who will find the hearts I make will also have a smile, I’ve seen it happen.
I want to be a Peyton Heart Project ambassador because I can help others feel good about themselves. From the person who receives the heart, the person who puts the heart out there to be found and to the people who would like to learn to crochet. I work in a school district and have shared with my co-workers who have given them to their students and the students love them. I even shared some with the school psychologist and she said she had heard of this project and how positive it was for the students. If we can help these children know that they are loved and someone cares for them then, to me, that’s a start.
Ideas that I have to bring this to my community, I already have. I have made hundreds of hearts and have shared them with co-workers at my school, the school where my child goes, and I think it would be good for community service too. If a student/child is in need of hours they could learn to crochet, help tag the hearts, spread the love of the hearts. Anyway to spread the kindness and help someone who is hurting to know they don’t have to end it all.
I appreciate you giving me this opportunity to share a little about myself to you. I am grateful for the hearts I have made and shared and am eager to hear back.