Kassidy Campos

Kassidy Campos

In Kassidy’s own words:


Ambassador Renewal Essay: By Kassidy Campos

Where has the time gone? This time last year I clearly remember sitting down with my mother preparing an email to The Peyton Heart Project organization to see if they offered an ambassador program. I am humble to say that because of my email The Peyton Heart Project began their journey of accepting ambassadors! It was such a blessing to hear that because of my email they were very interested in starting the ambassador program. Being able to be an ambassador for The Peyton Heart Project I was able to go to schools and talk within my community about this organization and the preventions of cyberbullying and bullying. Getting to be able to talk about my experience on getting bullied and talking about Peyton’s story touched so many hearts and helped so many students understand that bullying isn’t okay! Since I am Miss Turquoise Valley’s Outstanding Teen, I had the opportunity to go on the radio and talk about my platform which is called “Bullying Prevention: Be The Voice Not The Victim” and also share Peyton’s story throughout Sierra Vista! I remember going back to school after being on the radio and so many students came up to me asking about The Peyton Heart Project and how they could help.

The one thing my town is known for is creating so many events throughout the year, this year I was able to set up a booth at our local fair and pass out so many hearts to everyone who stopped by. As the night progressed I saw so many people wearing their hearts on their backpacks or purses and it absolutely made my heart so happy! As Miss Turquoise Valley’s Outstanding Teen I had an amazing opportunity to run for Miss Arizona’s Outstanding Teen. Throughout that whole week we were all able to talk to a panel of judges about our platforms and our organizations that we work with. They asked me so many questions about the organization and I was thrilled to hear that I touched one of the judge’s hearts because his granddaughter lost her friend to suicide and he expressed his gratitude for what The Peyton Heart Project stands for. During my time being an ambassador I created a Youtube channel to help build my confidence up. This is where I began to share Peyton’s story as well as my own! I am proud to say that I received the Ambassador of the Year award and receiving it was humbling and I never felt more proud.

I want to continue to keep inspiring so many individuals and help others who need it the most and I think it would be an honor to complete my second year for this amazing organization. I will continue to spread Peyton’s story throughout my community as well as the hearts that I have created! The Peyton Heart Project’s message is inspiring to others and I hope that I can help be that voice for someone throughout my second year of being an ambassador.


Peyton Heart Project Ambassador Essay

A Walk through the Life of a Teenage Girl: Kassidy Campos

Hello, let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Kassidy Campos and I am 14 years old! I’m currently a freshman which is really scary for me, new school, new friends, just all new to me. The good thing is I made the cheer team so now I have that going for me as well as my most exciting news; I’m running for Miss Sierra Vista’s Outstanding Teen. During my initial sign up for this event we were told that we needed a platform and I thought, “What is no better than a platform based on my personal experience of being bullied.” I was told to look for an organization to work with to help my platform, this is when my mom and I did a lot of research and came across “The Peyton Heart Project” through my stepmom. My mother then reached out to you all through email and we were immediately contacted and given this opportunity to be an ambassador for your organization! “The Peyton Heart Project” hits home for me, my deepest condolences goes out the family and friends. In this world there is so much hate, bitterness, ugliness, and just plain bullies!

Here is a glimpse of what I experienced when I was once getting bullied. I got bullied for two years, 6th and 7th grade, I thought the first year of middle school was supposed be fun and exciting but boy was I wrong in my opinion, the people who bullied me were once my bestfriends. It happened when I made the cheer team, everyone turned against me, my friends stole my backpack, took my gym clothes, and tossed it on the ground with everything out of my bag. I sometimes sat alone at lunch because no one wanted to sit with me. I can remember some of the worst names I was called sadly, these memories will never go away but all I can do is just try to push it behind me. I can recall moments when I tried to reach out to my teacher, but all I got told was that it was my problem and I should handle it all by myself. See the problem here is that we are always told to tell a teacher if you’re getting harassed and that’s exactly what I did, but instead I got told to take care of it by myself. If I must say this was the worst advice I ever got because I attempted to handle it by myself, it only got worse and worse!

The only bullying I have ever witnessed was in 5th grade, two of my closest friends at the time were being bullied. They talked about wanting to take their own life, but came to me for advice. Although I knew this was something much more bigger than I could fix I reassured them that their life mattered and that I wouldn’t let them do such a thing. I immediately spoke to my parents and we got them the help they needed and I’m happy to say they are doing so much better and look much happier now. Although we do not communicate anymore I believe God put me in their path for that very reason.

I’ve never attempted self harm however, a close friend of mine came to me and a few others that she attempted this many times because she became depressed. My friends and I talked to the counselor about her and although that was a huge step we had to make sure she got the help she needed. I cannot express how much this hurts my heart to know that this happens in today’s society, I believe it has always happened but now in my opinion it is much more worse.

The Peyton Heart Project” means quite a lot to me for so many reasons. For one, I understand where the hurt comes from when it comes to being bullied and because of this I want to express to my fellow friends, family and others in general that they need to know that they are not alone. Words do cut deep like a knife, I know this because I have the scars of memories embedded in my heart. I can forgive as I did but I will never forget.

With so many reasons of why I would love to be an Ambassador for your organization let me start off by first expressing my feelings toward the matter. So many lives are taken because bullies truly exist and it breaks my heart that these precious lives such as Peyton was cut short. Enough is enough, bullying has to stop, and if I cannot stop it I will continue to be the voice not only for myself but for all the precious souls that have lost their lives. Although I know I cannot change the world I want to be able to help change some views about having people there for you. With your organization I believe it helps spread awareness about bullying around the world, thus resulting in possibly saving lives and helping others reach out for help.

As I mentioned I am running for Outstanding Teen and I have a platform based on bullying and will be discussing this during my interview. I will also be expressing my thoughts and story as well as the organizations that I work with. I will also be performing a monologue that was written by me about my experience. I want to be able to spread “The Peyton Heart Project” with my community as well as during my time of reign should I win. If I do not however I still would like to help spread your story with our community and we also plan on contacting the school to see if they will allow me to speak to the student body. I do have an Instagram account that I plan on making so with working for your organization I can also help spread awareness about “The Peyton Heart Project”.

Thank you so much for taking the time to create this Ambassador program as you mentioned to my parents. I truly hope and pray the awareness spreads and can help change lives of those affected. I am truly grateful you are giving me a chance at this and I can assure you that I will do whatever I can to help spread awareness with my community.

My youtube video that addresses my story and bullying is this link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5ZK2kV5uxk I plan on making more to come as time allows me to with a busy schedule right now. I try to incorporate lots of other videos but spreading awareness about bullying is my main one. I recently got attacked this weekend on my bullying video by the same individuals so I plan making another video soon. Please know I will do my best to bring light to this matter. It means the world to me.