Rev. Richard A. Moonshadow Machado

Richard A Moonshadow Machado


In Richard’s words:


Peyton Heart Project Ambassador Essay:
By RA Moonshadow Machado
From a very young age I felt “being different” felt more like a curse than a blessing. I have always been a person who would speak up and stand for people who couldn’t protect or speak up for themselves (animals and other causes included.)
Social Activism was part of my purpose early on in my life. I remember the feeling of rejection and the effect of bullying and how it really wasn’t the bullies but how society makes one feel like they have to be part of the taunting as to not be taunted. Being bullied was enough to make me stronger to not let it happen to anyone if I was witness to it.
Years later I lost a dear friend to her taking her own life. For the years I knew her I felt there was something under the surface that she may have not fully shared with us, her dearest friends and family. She was loved and cherished and to this day I still think of her. In some way, shape or form, I have met, reached out to, or have known people that needed some form of nonjudgmental caring and unconditional love or friendship to find a way out of their personal darkness.
These life experiences, through my own and other people’s life lessons, brought me to my life’s work in helping others heal.
As I grew older and realized that being “Me” and having the gift of connecting with others on a deeper level was my life purpose and out of high school started training how to be part of the solution to being the change in the world starting with one person at a time. Since then I have worked with individuals & groups. This has been incredibly rewarding to me.
I have been affected personally through my own experiences as well as other people’s deep personal struggles from being bullied to self-harm and the dark thoughts of taking one’s own life.
I was walking through Muir Woods in California when I saw my first (Peyton Heart Project) heart. It brought back memories of my own life and I felt that it was a message for me to help in my own way and to share part of my own heart with others through The Peyton Heart Project. Being an ambassador would offer another way of reaching out to bring healing to others into a world that is in major need of healing and to share the message that being different is not a curse but truly a gift to be shared with the world.
It’s time for us to be the change and bring light into the darkness.