Taylin Belding

Taylin Belding

In Taylin’s own words:


Peyton Heart Project Ambassador Essay: By Taylin Belding

I have been bullied and have seen too many others being bullied. I hope the Peyton Heart Project will help people see that these things are really happening and the little games that seem harmless are actually causing others pain.

I have a large number of friends that self harm and I try the best I can to help them, I feel that the hearts I put out may not make people like them stop self-harming but at least it can show that the world isn’t against them.

I lost a close friend of mine to suicide, I knew he had some troubles that he didn’t tell many people, and I really wish he could have reached out to me more in his time of need. He was very upbeat and most people liked him, but lots of people did pick on him because of the things he liked, did, or said and it hurt me a great deal to see the same people continue on bullying others even after what happened.

My friend kind of fell off the map for two months after going to rehab for mental health issues, she didn’t tell me till near the end of the second month because she was worried what people would say about her for trying to get help.

Losing my friend is what lead (sic) me to the heart project and what has helped me through these hard times, because the thought that I may have stopped someone from committing suicide for one more day makes my day a little brighter.

The Peyton Heart Project is a way to help others feel better and to help others see the issues others are facing in their day to day lives.

I want to be an ambassador to continue to bring awareness like I tried in 8th grade and to help people maybe get into the project as well. I was able to get my girl scout troop involved and spark an interest in my boy scout crew, so I plan on trying to get my school more involved.

I plan on placing more hearts around my town and in schools in this town, I also plan on sending hearts to my friends in other towns, states, and even in other countries.