Rainbow Hearts: “In Memory of Tyler Clementi 1991-2010” Event — June 2017


According to the Trevor Project, “suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24. LGB youth are 4 times more likely, and questioning youth are 3 times more likely, to attempt suicide as their straight peers.”

In September of 2010, 18-year-old Tyler Clementi died by suicide when he jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Tyler’s death brought national attention to the issue of cyberbullying and the struggles facing LGBT youth. Please read his story here http://www.tylerclementi.org/tylers-story. In October 2015, we had the honor of hearing Tyler’s mom, Jane, speak about Tyler and what life has been like since losing him. We spoke with Jane about the Peyton Heart Project and what we aRainbowre hoping to accomplish and we gave her a Peyton heart to keep. We have been in contact with her since then and have asked her if we could make this rainbow heart event in memory of Tyler. She has happily agreed and also plans to meet with us at some point to help tag any hearts that haven’t already been tagged. There is a special tag to use on the Rainbow Hearts for this event. The file is posted below. These tags include the phrase “In Loving Memory of Tyler Clementi 1991-2010”. 


The Peyton Heart Project is proud to announce that we are partnering with the Tyler Clementi Foundation in support of their #Day1 bullying prevention UpstanderAwardPHPcampaign.

From the Tyler Clementi Foundation’s website:

“#Day1 is an innovative new campaign, rooted in research, to stop bullying before it begins.”

“The #Day1 Campaign requires four main elements 1) A person in authority, 2) clearly saying what behavior is expected and what is not tolerated, 3) done early on (on Day 1), 4) and getting a verbal confirmation back that the instruction is understood.”

In 2010, the Tyler Clementi Foundation was founded after Tyler, a freshman at Rutger’s University, died by suicide after being cyber-bullied. They are working to combat the effects that bullying has on youth.

Please join the Peyton Heart Project and the Tyler Clementi Foundation in pledging to stop bullying from #Day1. You can take the #Day1 pledge by clicking the link below. Thank you.



Early in the summer of 2017 the Peyton Heart Project will have volunteers in the NYC Gay Pride March giving hearts to people. We hope to have THOUSANDS of rainbow hearts to hand out. The specific yarn we ask that you please use is the Red Heart Super Saver with the color name “Mexicana”. Whatever pattern you use for the heart, please leave a 3-inch loop at the top of each heart by tying the two ends (tail end and ball end) of yarn together with a figure-eight knot or an overhand knot. Like this:


It is a more sturdy knot and will not pull out like a granny knot or square knot will.GrannyKnotXCatWhiskers

Also, please do not bury the tail end and try to loop just the ball end into a loop. It will come apart.


You can use any small heart pattern you want but please make small hearts since the volunteers will be carrying them along the parade route. Thousands of hearts are very heavy. The rainbow hearts are due May 27th. Thank you.


Please make the loop (see above) before you attach the tags.

Then the tag can be attached to the loop, similar to this:



Please use this new file for the tags to put on the Rainbow Hearts:

Tyler Memorial tag   (updated 4/9/2017)

Please be sure that the tags you are using are the most updated version. We do update the file often so please check before printing the tags.

Please do not alter the files in any way. This includes changing any quotes; changing the layout; changing the font; changing any colors; adding or deleting icons.

Please use only thick paper to print out the tags, like heavy duty card stock (65lb). Ordinary printer paper is just not strong enough.

Please don’t use a square knot on the loops. Please use a figure-eight knot or an overhand knot. Check that the knots are are tight and will not pull apart.

The rainbow hearts are due May 27th, 2017. Please include a note with the number of hearts in the package and your e-mail address (if you have one). Thank you.

Please mail them to:RainbowHeartExample
Peyton Heart Project
(Rainbow Hearts)
PO Box 2374
Morristown, NJ 07962-2374

Here is a nice crochet pattern for the rainbow hearts for this event (.pdf file):