TAGS with Quotes

WarmOnFenceHere are all the files of tags we have available. Please be sure to pick the one that is appropriate for you. Filenames ending with A4 are sized for A4 paper (210 x 297 mm). All other files are laid out for 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

If you have an old file that says anywhere on the tag “Sidewalk Smiles”, please discard that file and download a new, updated file.

Regular Tags in various languages with quotes on one side and links on the other.

Disclaimer: The translations from English to other languages were provided to us by volunteers. As such, we can’t guarantee their accuracy. If you see an error in the translation, please bring it to our attention.

TAGS (English)

TAGS-A4 (English)

TAGS (Spanish – Español)

TAGS-A4 (Spanish – Español)


TAGS-A4 (Azeri – Азәрбајҹан дили آذربایجان دیلی)

TAGS-A4 (Danish – Dansk)

TAGS-A4 (Dutch – Nederlands)

TAGS (French – Français)

TAGS-A4 (French – Français)

TAGS-A4 (German -Deutsch)

TAGS-A4 (Hebrew – עברית)

TAGS (Italian – Italiano)

TAGS-A4 (Italian – Italiano)

TAGS-A4 (Japanese -日本語)

TAGS-A4 (Norwegian – Norsk)

TAGS-A4 (Polish – Polszczyzna)

TAGS-A4 (Portuguese – Português)

TAGS (Russian – Русский язы́к)

TAGS-A4 (Russian – Русский язы́к)

TAGS-A4 (Turkish -Türkçe)

TAGS-A4 (Ukranian -українська мова)

TAGS-A4 (Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt)


(coming soon):


To be used only in conjunction with Regular Tags (above).

Blank Memorial Tag



Special Events

Orlando Tag     …  in Honor of the Survivors and Lives Lost in Orlando June 2016.

In Honor of Justin Preston

Memorial Tag – Peyton James

Memorial Tag – Amanda Todd

Memorial Tag – Tyler Clementi

Memorial Tag – Matthew Dille

Memorial Tag – Bethany Thompson

Memorial Tag – Lennon Baldwin

Memorial Tag – Matthew Shepard